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Logic Integrated Circuits
Texas Instruments 74ALS621A Bus Transceivers Octal Bus Transceiver N/A N/A N/A N/A Request Quote

EPM7512BQC208-7 Logic Integrated Circuit
EPM7512BQC208-7 N/A ALTERA N/A 00+ N/A 404 N/A Request Quote

MAX13013EXT+T Logic Integrated Circuit
MAX13013EXT+T N/A Maxim N/A 0638 N/A 2029 N/A Request Quote

MAX13043EETD+T Logic Integrated Circuit
MAX13043EETD+T N/A Maxim N/A 0649 N/A 2296 N/A Request Quote

MAX3378EEBCT Logic Integrated Circuit
MAX3378EEBCT N/A Maxim N/A 0916 N/A 187 N/A Request Quote

MC74VHC00DR2 Logic Integrated Circuit
MC74VHC00DR2 N/A ON SEMI N/A 0301 N/A 2500 N/A Request Quote

MC74VHC1G03DFT1G Logic Integrated Circuit
MC74VHC1G03DFT1G N/A ON SEMI N/A 0640 N/A 1928 N/A Request Quote

MC74VHCT32ADTR2G Logic Integrated Circuit
MC74VHCT32ADTR2G N/A ON SEMI N/A 1522 N/A 10218 N/A Request Quote

SN74AUC1G17YZPR Logic Integrated Circuit - 2
SN74AUC1G17YZPR N/A T/I N/A 1026 1323 N/A 742 3000 5532 N/A Request Quote

SN74AVCB164245GR Logic Integrated Circuit - 2
SN74AVCB164245GR N/A T/I N/A 0614 N/A 68 1771 N/A Request Quote

SN74LVC2G74DCTR Logic Integrated Circuit - 2
SN74LVC2G74DCTR N/A T/I N/A 1536 2011 N/A 2976 3000 N/A Request Quote

VO4661-X007T Logic Integrated Circuit
VO4661-X007T N/A VISHAY N/A N/A 890 N/A Request Quote

XC9536XL10PC44C Logic Integrated Circuit
XC9536XL10PC44C N/A XILINX N/A 9901 N/A 16 N/A Request Quote

SN74CBTLV3125PWR Logic Integrated Circuit
SN74CBTLV3125PWR N/A T/I N/A 1501 N/A 1572 N/A Request Quote

NC7SP04L6X Logic Integrated Circuit
NC7SP04L6X N/A FSC N/A 1218 N/A 9087 N/A Request Quote

SN74TVC3010PWR Logic Integrated Circuit
SN74TVC3010PWR N/A T/I N/A 1001+ N/A 3245 N/A Request Quote

74LVC1G06GV Logic Integrated Circuit
74LVC1G06GV N/A NXP N/A 1549+ N/A 5985 N/A Request Quote

MM74HC595M Logic Integrated Circuit
MM74HC595M N/A FSC N/A 1624 N/A 2495 N/A Request Quote

WM8988LGECN/V Logic Integrated Circuit
WM8988LGECN/V N/A CIRRUS LOGIC N/A N/A 2860 N/A Request Quote

74LVC595APW, 118 Logic Integrated Circuit
74LVC595APW, 118 N/A NXP N/A 2016 N/A 2480 N/A Request Quote

NX3P190UK,012 Logic Integrated Circuit - 2
NX3P190UK,012 N/A NXP N/A 2016 N/A 16311 N/A Request Quote

SN74AVC16T245DGGR Logic Integrated Circuit
SN74AVC16T245DGGR N/A T/I N/A 2006+ N/A 1080 N/A Request Quote

XC2C64A-7VQG44I Logic Integrated Circuit
XC2C64A-7VQG44I N/A N/A 1301 N/A N/A Request Quote

CDM1805 Logic Integrated Circuit
CDM1805 N/A ELMEC N/A 2014+ N/A 220 N/A Request Quote

ADG3245BRUZ N/A Analog Devices Inc. N/A 1325 1346 N/A 799 N/A Request Quote

SN74LVC4245APWR N/A N/A 1610 N/A 1753 N/A Request Quote

74AUP1G09SE-7 N/A N/A 1724 N/A 2228 N/A


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