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0302CS-12NXJLU Fixed Inductor
0302CS-12NXJLU N/A COILCRAFT N/A 1010 N/A 116 N/A Request Quote

17 Nanohenry (nH) Fixed Inductor
0302CS-17NXJLU N/A COILCRAFT N/A 1433 N/A 1930 N/A Request Quote

1.7 Nanohenry (nH) Fixed Inductor
0302CS-1N7XJLU N/A COILCRAFT N/A 2012 N/A 10760 N/A Request Quote

0302CS-1N9XJLU Fixed Inductor
0302CS-1N9XJLU N/A COILCRAFT N/A N/A 86 N/A Request Quote

0302CS-1N9XJLW Fixed Inductor
0302CS-1N9XJLW N/A COILCRAFT N/A 1241 N/A 500 1500 N/A Request Quote

0302CS-22NXJLW Fixed Inductor
0302CS-22NXJLW N/A COILCRAFT N/A 2013 N/A 2170 N/A Request Quote

2.1 Nanohenry (nH) Fixed Inductor
0302CS-2N1XJLW N/A COILCRAFT N/A N/A 16666 N/A Request Quote

3 Nanohenry (nH) Fixed Inductor
0302CS-3N0XJLW N/A COILCRAFT N/A N/A 1000 N/A Request Quote

3.3 Nanohenry (nH) Fixed Inductor
0302CS-3N3XJLW N/A COILCRAFT N/A 1210 N/A 1185 N/A Request Quote

3.5 Nanohenry (nH) Fixed Inductor
0302CS-3N5XJLW N/A COILCRAFT N/A 1423 N/A 2545 N/A Request Quote

4 Nanohenry (nH) Fixed Inductor
0302CS-4N0XJLW N/A COILCRAFT N/A 2016 N/A 4000 5267 N/A Request Quote

4.7 Nanohenry (nH) Fixed Inductor
0302CS-4N7XJLW N/A COILCRAFT N/A 0630 1435+ N/A 1424 3559 N/A Request Quote

5.1 Nanohenry (nH) Fixed Inductor
0302CS-5N1XJLW N/A COILCRAFT N/A 1115 2012+ N/A 166 3151 N/A Request Quote

6 Nanohenry (nH) Fixed Inductor
0302CS-6N0XJLW N/A COILCRAFT N/A 1334 N/A 1976 N/A Request Quote

6.3 Nanohenry (nH) Fixed Inductor
0302CS-6N3XJLW N/A COILCRAFT N/A 2012 N/A 23558 N/A Request Quote

6.5 Nanohenry (nH) Fixed Inductor
0302CS-6N5XJLW N/A COILCRAFT N/A 2011+ N/A 5297 N/A Request Quote

8.3 Nanohenry (nH) Fixed Inductor
0302CS-8N3XJLW N/A COILCRAFT N/A N/A 1324 N/A Request Quote

100 Nanohenry (nH) Fixed Inductor
0402AF-101XJLW N/A COILCRAFT N/A 08+ N/A 3353 N/A Request Quote

270 Nanohenry (nH) Fixed Inductor
0402AF-271XJLW N/A COILCRAFT N/A 1431 N/A 850 N/A Request Quote

7.4 Nanohenry (nH) Fixed Inductor
0302CS-7N4XJLW N/A COILCRAFT N/A 1251 N/A 1119 N/A Request Quote

0201DS-14NXJLW Fixed Inductor
0201DS-14NXJLW N/A COILCRAFT N/A N/A 1266 N/A Request Quote

0201DS-1N4XJLW Fixed Inductor
0201DS-1N4XJLW N/A COILCRAFT N/A 0916 N/A 2000 N/A Request Quote

1.5 Nanohenry (nH) Fixed Inductor
0201DS-1N5XJEW N/A COILCRAFT N/A 1340+ N/A 7286 N/A Request Quote

0201DS-2N3XJLW Fixed Inductor
0201DS-2N3XJLW N/A COILCRAFT N/A 11+ N/A 1950 N/A Request Quote

0201DS-3N3XJLU Fixed Inductor
0201DS-3N3XJLU N/A COILCRAFT N/A 1045 N/A 68 N/A Request Quote

3.9 Nanohenry (nH) Fixed Inductor
0201DS-3N9XJEW N/A COILCRAFT N/A 1532 N/A 1920 N/A Request Quote

7 Nanohenry (nH) Fixed Inductor
0201DS-7N0XJEW N/A COILCRAFT N/A N/A 3433 N/A Request Quote

0201DS-7N5XJLW Fixed Inductor
0201DS-7N5XJLW N/A COILCRAFT N/A 1030+ N/A 1508 N/A Request Quote

0201DS-9N0XJLW Fixed Inductor
0201DS-9N0XJLW N/A COILCRAFT N/A 1030 N/A 2709 N/A Request Quote

0201DS-9N4XJLW Fixed Inductor
0201DS-9N4XJLW N/A COILCRAFT N/A 09+ N/A 2064 N/A Request Quote

560 Nanohenry (nH) Fixed Inductor
0402AF-561XJLW N/A COILCRAFT N/A 1317 N/A 500 N/A Request Quote

11 Nanohenry (nH) Fixed Inductor
0402CS-11NXGLW N/A COILCRAFT N/A 1434 N/A 1925 N/A Request Quote

0402CS-12NXJLU Fixed Inductor
0402CS-12NXJLU N/A COILCRAFT N/A N/A 768 N/A Request Quote

0402CS-15NXGLW Fixed Inductor
0402CS-15NXGLW N/A COILCRAFT N/A N/A 1896 N/A Request Quote

0402CS-15NXJLW Fixed Inductor
0402CS-15NXJLW N/A COILCRAFT N/A 1125 N/A 2000 N/A Request Quote

0402CS-19NXGLW Fixed Inductor
0402CS-19NXGLW N/A COILCRAFT N/A 09+ N/A 1940 N/A Request Quote

0402CS-19NXJLW Fixed Inductor
0402CS-19NXJLW N/A COILCRAFT N/A 0806 N/A 1040 N/A Request Quote

1 Nanohenry (nH) Fixed Inductor
0402CS-1N0XJLW N/A COILCRAFT N/A 1309 N/A 2851 N/A Request Quote

1.8 Nanohenry (nH) Fixed Inductor
0402CS-1N8XGLW N/A COILCRAFT N/A 11+ N/A 2435 N/A Request Quote

0402CS-1N9XJLW Fixed Inductor
0402CS-1N9XJLW N/A COILCRAFT N/A 1148 N/A 2478 N/A Request Quote

0402CS-22NXGLW Fixed Inductor
0402CS-22NXGLW N/A COILCRAFT N/A N/A 2276 N/A Request Quote

3.8 Nanohenry (nH) Fixed Inductor
0302CS-3N8XJLU N/A COILCRAFT N/A 0937 N/A 1592 N/A Request Quote

LQG18HN2N7S00D N/A Murata N/A 1625,1446,1414 N/A 5235 N/A Request Quote

DFE322512F-1R0M=P2 N/A N/A N/A N/A Request Quote

PCMB061-H1R0MS-39 N/A CYNTEC N/A N/A N/A Request Quote

TFM201610ALC-1R0MQAA N/A N/A 1806+ N/A 2068 N/A Request Quote

LQP03TG18NJ02D N/A N/A 1807+ N/A 15600 N/A

18nH Unshielded Thick Film Inductor 160mA 2.28Ohm Max 0201 (0603 Metric)

Request Quote

LQP03TGR12J02D N/A N/A 1834 N/A 5000 N/A

120nH Unshielded Thick Film Inductor 80mA 8.75Ohm Max 0201 (0603 Metric)

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LQP03TG4N3J02D N/A N/A 1834 N/A 15300 N/A

4.3nH Unshielded Thick Film Inductor 300mA 580mOhm Max 0201 (0603 Metric)

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LQP03TG1N0C02D N/A N/A 1807 N/A 15700 N/A

1nH Unshielded Thick Film Inductor 600mA 150mOhm Max 0201 (0603 Metric)

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